Traditional (In-person) Sessions

Bringing Creative Learning to your Front Door

Really anywhere you want the tutoring session, we will come to your family to conduct it. No need to travel to a building or search for a location because we make it convenient for your family to learn in the comfort of your home. Our tutors will bring their own material and incorporate lessons taught during school with the additional resources. Children will be able to incorporate various learning styles to solve problems.

Sessions Duration

Hilltop Tutors offers 2 types of price packages for our families: Weekly and Monthly.

Weekly price packages allow families to utilize our services for a quick turnaround. If your child needs assistance studying for an upcoming test, reviewing a certain lesson or just a refresher on basic fundamentals, then weekly packages are there for your convenience.

Monthly price packages are for families who want to commit for the full month in advance. Your child(ren) will have the full month, scheduled days and times, to work with their tutor to ensure they have a solid understanding of basic fundamentals, reinterate teachings from school, and assessment preparation.