Did you know a “Cool Nerd” when you were in school?

Well, that was the title I was given. Growing up in a society where being smart was not cool, you’d think that I had a hard time in school. However, my friends would always joke with me that I was a “Cool Nerd.”

In sixth grade, I was the only student awarded the highly coveted “President’s Award”, which prompted many of my friends to ask me for help with their school work. Soon, other students began to reach out and that is when I first found a sense of purpose helping others see why it was important to be smart.

In high school, my teachers noticed the progress some of the students were making and asked them what they were doing differently. They told the teachers that I was helping them with their notetaking skills and providing tips to assist with learning the material. My teachers were so amazed that they referred me to an internship program to become an official tutor.

I have been tutoring for almost 20 years, but it wasn’t until I had my own child that I discovered my proven process.

Our Mission…

Is to provide additional educational services for students of all ethnicities, in all communities, to improve their academic performance, enhance their personal development skills, and properly prepare them for a diverse and evolving world.

My Journey

I was working for a law firm at the time my son was born and went on maternity leave for 6 weeks. My production didn’t miss a beat, so the firm allowed me to work from home until I was ready to return to the office. Being able to be at home with my son was such a blessing. I was able to witness all of the common first childhood moments and we did everything together.

When he turned 2 y/o, we began to work on letters, numbers and sight words. It was amazing being able to develop my child’s learning from the beginning stages. This was the first time I had taught anyone something from scratch (learning how to speak and read words) since I had mostly helped my peers when I was in school. TRUST ME, it was difficult to do while still working full-time, but I was up for the challenge and eventually, discovered how to accelerate his learning. When he started kindergarten, he was able to read and write full sentences. Furthermore, in first grade, he was already reading on a second grade level.

The journey of educating my son mixed with all the years of experience, I devised a creative and distinct method to teach children so that they have fun, enjoy learning and most importantly retain the information.

Being able to teach my son and watch him learn, helped me realize this was my God-given purpose: EDUCATING CHILDREN. Therefore, I started tutoring other people’s children, applying the techniques used on my own child to all the different learning styles children possess.

Teaching children the alphabet, counting numbers, reading sight words and other concepts, while completing monthly production reports and attending scheduled department meetings began to cross worlds.

That is when I decided to tutor full-time and Hilltop Tutors was created in 2018. I experienced how difficult work/life balance had become while working a full-time position in a law firm, maintaining a household with a child, and assisting other families. We, at Hilltop Tutors, understand that sometimes EVEN PARENTS need help, too.

We believe tutoring is not a one-size-fits-all form of education. We tailor our tutoring sessions around the child’s learning style, while meeting the family’s needs by providing flexibility in scheduling and choice of location. Tutoring sessions can be customized by the family, including the type of session, how many children, duration, and frequency.